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How Search Engines Determine The Top Websites

Search engines are some of the best things to be invented in terms of internet functionality, but you want to know how you can capitalize on these websites for your own gain. Companies have been using search engines to generate revenue and traffic since they were first implemented, but the ways to do this have changed greatly over the years. What used to be essentially a “wild west” setting where anything goes has been refined over time, and as a result is much more difficult to enter the market and get traffic for a website than it has ever been before. Understand that search engines are meant to direct users toward the sites that they are looking for, so with the right knowledge you can definitely make that destination your own website. It takes something called “search engine optimization” to get started.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, relates to how you can use your website to attract attention from a search engine in terms of the rankings it provides to users. These rankings are determined by the popularity of a website among users, and by how many websites link back to it as a source for the keyword being used. For example, if you were to search for “football manufacturer,” then the first few results will be companies that other users have clicked on when they have searched for football manufacturer, as well as the company that other sites have linked to when they list a link that is labeled football manufacturer.

It may even be just related to the metatags on the sites that link back to the first result that you see. In other words, there is a complex web of links and results that lead up to what is going to be determined to be the top response for “football manufacturer.” Part of this is handled on the end of the website owner, when they implement search engine optimization and other tactics to get their website higher in the rankings, but another and much larger part of it is in the hands of the users themselves. When a user clicks on a website and finds it to be what they are looking for, then that is going to ultimately be what will help push a website higher up in the rankings. Search engines use many factors to determine who is on top.


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