Becoming A Successful Social Media Reseller

If you are already a successful Seo reseller, and would like to expand your services, you should consider also becoming a social media reseller to give your clients another sought after service. Much like reselling SEO, social media resellers take advantage of services offered by another professional, purchasing them at a discounted price; and then resell them to their customers rebranded under their own company name. While the concept is the same, the difference in services provided by SEO versus social media resellers are vastly different, and it is not unlikely to get clients that want to purchase both services at the same time; making it in your best interest to expand your palette of services.

As with any other type of resale, social media resellers must first start by finding professionals that are adept at the trade, and then negotiating a fair price for their services. Once you come to an agreement you both can live with, the social media reseller then can bring any client requests to them to purchase low, and then resell the finished product to their customers at a large markup. While both SEO and social media are forms of marketing, unlike search engine optimization, a social media reseller’s clients will often require a lot of repeat business, as some will simply want someone to constantly monitor their social media presence. While you may not get as much in each session as you would for one large SEO plan, social media resellers can more than make up for the price difference in quantity, and use these recurring services to help spread the news of their business. All you have to do is have a good plan in place, and have good affiliates in tow that really know the ins and outs of social media marketing so that you can really impress your clients every time they purchase something new.

Of course, everything comes down to profits and the resale of social media services can provide a lot of them. Coupled with an SEO reselling program and other services you might offer, you can really have a great business offering your customers what they really want without ever having to lift a finger to design, code, chat, or implement them into any platform. All you have to do is smile, treat your customers and providers with respect, and always deliver what you promise on time and within budget to have a successful business.

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